South America

Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador

Middle of the World City offers a three-fold attraction: 30m-high stone trapezoidal monument topped by a brass globe, a viewing platform, and a museum providing an excellent introduction(clothing display, dioramas, photographs). The museum also offers interactive exhibits examining the science behind the myths of the equator. Equator Constructed by Architect Alfredo Fabián Páez and Carlos Mancheno President… Continue reading Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador


Three Castles Building, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Three Castles is a landmark historic building in the downtown of Johannesburg. It was the factory for the production of 'Three Castles' cigarettes and the building's facade has become the strong and powerful marketing tool for the brand. Initially, 100 female workers were employed to roll the cigarettes but by the late 1890s, it… Continue reading Three Castles Building, Johannesburg, South Africa


Mabuda Coffee Farm, Swaziland

Situated 1km outside the small town of Siteki within the Lubombo Mountain Range, and en route to Mozambique, Kruger Park, and St Lucia, this picturesque and relaxing place serves as the perfect stop over for travelers passing through. You will find here comfortable lodges, a coffee restaurant and book several excursions and activities. Outside drinking… Continue reading Mabuda Coffee Farm, Swaziland