Travel Map

The starting point of many travels was London, UK. Here is the spiky map created by the journeys I have made throughout the years.

So far my travels have covered North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and of course, Europe. Countries visited number at 33.
The 1999 road trip across the States has shaped my views on many different aspects of social, cultural, political life,
Back to the States in 2003. This time I focused on some parts of East Coast with a short visit to Minneapolis. Boston and Philadelphia being my historical favourites.
In 2007 I set foot on Cuba which together with other Caribbean countries has a lot to offer. Leisure and entertainment, history and culture. Rich social life combined with architectural marvels made this trip worthwhile. Havana and Santiago de Cuba for their political and historical importance. Holguin area for its beauty and nature, and also archeological sites.
Although Bulgaria may appear as a country to go to for the Black Sea resorts, the country has many interesting historical sites, places of worship and the Rila mountains with famous Rila Monastery. Visited in 2011.
A short road trip to Western Europe in 2012, was actually about two events. A visit to my childhood movie idol from Brussels, Belgium and Golden Eye bungee jump from Verzasca Dam in Ticino, Switzerland.
My main reason to visit Greece in 2013 was hiking in the Olympus mountains. Since mainland Greece is so rich with history culture and art it would be a shame not to see and feel some of it. The three places that were on my agenda were Meteora, Athens and Cape Sounion.
Here again, I tried to combined various topics for my 2014 Slovenia trip. The geological marvel of Skocjan Caves near Divaca, Triglav mountain hike and a chill out in beautiful Ljubljana.
Shetland Islands, Scotland, The United Kingdom
With 2017 came the time to visit the footsteps of some famous Eight thousanders. The trip was a challenge in many shapes and forms. Wild experience in Lukla with the flight (engine failure), altitude sickness at the 5000 meters (16404 feet) and lone descent and “Three Temples” exploration in Kathmandu.
China in 2017 gave me a glimpse of Asian culture, history and art. Simple triangular trip to three major destination for first timers. Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Hong Kong for art and movie legends, Beijing for dynasties, squares and the Wall of course. Shanghai with all those skycrapers and Water Ancient Town in Zhujiajiao.
Korean Peninsula attracted my attention and urge to learn “what it is all about” firsthand. From Beijing to Soul by flight, back and to Pyongyang by train. Complex and long dispute at the DMZ was experienced like nothing else.
Persian Land in 2017. Country of so much history, culture, art and lovely people that one has to see to believe it. Starting with Tabriz and its lake Urmia and Hobbit type dwellings in Kondovan, Next the Reza Shrine in Mashhad, Shahr-e Sukhteh archeological site near Zabol, Qeshm and Hormuz islands amongst many other places.
The year of 2018 brought me all attractions of Taiwan and Japan. The cultural and social part was truly fantastic and also eyeopening to the complexity of the region. As usual, I combined the trip with the hike to the highest peak, Yushan in Taiwan and volcano Mount Rishiri in Japan. Also, Okinawa offered some insight into Japanese culture and history.
Around Taiwan in many days
Visiting the edge of continental Europe, Cabo da Roca, in 2018 was exciting. However, to reach that place I intended to visit some European capitals along the way. Gdansk being a starting point, I visited Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, and also Barcelona.
The 2019 trip to South America fulfilled my student times’ plans and dreams to explore some truly amazing places. Beautiful nature of Galapagos Islands, Moai statues on Easter Island, Machu Picchu in Peru, Lake Titicaca on Peruvian and Bolivian border or Che Guevara Trail in Bolivia. Only to conclude with salsa in Buenos Aires. Minibuses, taxis and motorcycles served as transportation, mostly.
My 2021 trip across South African countries included the cities of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfantein, Durban and Port Elizabeth. I visited Lesotho entering from Maseru and exiting via Sani Pass. I also visited Swaziland