South America

Casa del Telegrafista, La Higuera

Traveling across South America I visited Bolivia and its iconic attractions. That had to include the Trail of Che which I did my own ‘researched’ way. In Vallegrande I hired a local driver who happened to have a family in La Higuera. That was very convenient for both of us. I had a secured ride back and he had the opportunity to visit his relatives. I stayed overnight at nowhere else but Casa del Telegrafista, a former radio center turned hostel. After many hours of driving on rocky steep roads, I appreciated a comfortable bed and a lovely dinner. The place was like no other when it comes to indulging in Che Guevara’s turbulent history. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the local people, including Antonio who witnessed the capture of Che and got a photo taken with the elderly lady who once stood by Che’s side as an 18-year-old partisan. A secluded place worth visiting by those truly interested in the revolutionary part of Che Guevara’s life.

The entrance
Sipping a well deserved beer after arrival.
Dinning Room and a Bar.
The entrance.
Room full of memorabilia.
View of the patio.
My bedroom.

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